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The new cd by San Francisco-area progressive rock band

"Entertaining Thanatos"
AFTER THE WIDE CRITICAL ACCLAIM and success of their first CD "Starfooted," an Francisco-area progressive rock band METAPHOR is back with their eagerly-awaited second effort. Here is more great progressive rock featuring new depths of compositional ideas as Metaphor continues to explore its evolving musical identity. METAPHOR's first CD was praised for its musicality, harmonic sensibilities, and thoughtful vocals. Listeners will find "Entertaining Thanatos" evocative of not only the golden age of prog, but also the modern day--and future--of the genre.

to contact metaphor:
E-mail to the band may be sent to
    lenny-at-metaphor . org
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metaphor is:
jim anderson | bass
john mabry | vocals
malcolm smith | guitars
marc spooner | keyboards

with guests:
jeffrey baker & bob koehler | drums

=metaphor/entertaining thanatos front=

1. Socrates (7:59)
2. Galatea 3.3 (7:43)
3. When It All Comes Together (4:17)
4. Raking the Bones (7:43)  [sample]
5. 13 Heads (3:31)  [sample]
6. Yes and No (17:49)  [sample]
7. Wheel of the World (7:55)  [sample]